Friday, June 7, 2019

Storytelling for SEO With Content Marketing

Storytelling for SEO :

Storytelling for SEO

This is a post I ran across on one of my tribes in Triberr and I thought I would show you the importance of how storytelling affects SEO.  Read this post and then see my further comments below.

The resolution is low, the background is unpleasing, there is nothing special about this guy… Yet, it’s a powerful photo. It’s more than a man sitting on debris looking at a photo isn’t it? There is a story of pain and grief that’s easily told through the photograph.

Storytelling is what makes an content great. Whether a photo, movie or blog post, great storytelling is the difference.

Content Creation Bandwagon :

The buzzword within marketing these days is, “content creation”.

You need content for SEO. You need content for Social. You need content for your web site. , they say.

The truth is you don’t need content. You need a good content. There are lots of sites out there with TONS of content, but their SEO and Social media endeavors are fruitless,SEO content Storytelling for SEO because they haven’t figured out how to tell a good story.

How to Tell a Story :

You need at least three things

  • A setting
  • Signature elements that are unique and defining
  • Conflict – emotion, drama, struggle, tension, etc

With those elements you can tell a story through any medium.

Content Marketing :

Content marketing has 5 steps

  1. Strategy/Brainstorming/Storytelling
  2. Content development
  3. Content optimization
  4. Content distribution
  5. Reporting and analysis

The Morale :

Don’t just create content, create great content with a great story. If you can do that you won’t have to worry about getting people to link to or share you stuff. It’ll happen naturally, and honestly, that’s what real SEO and SMO is all about.

My Comments:

Any good writer knows that there are two parts to creating great content online.

  1. Logically-through informational graphs and/or facts to show the reader how they can get to point “C” from point “A”.  These posts are generally one’s you see the most of online.  People love reading up on how to do certain things.  Showing them logically is a great way to suck them in to your readership.  Providing quality content this way has always been a great way to build a following.
  2. Emotionally- Great storytelling usually comes from an emotional standpoint.  If you’ve been reading my Psychology of Social Media posts, then you know that emotions play a huge role in content.  Internet marketers and social marketers have a harder time using this type of strategy in their posts because generally they are providing the information in a logical way.  Usually “how to” do certain things online.  I have found that if you can break away from the general posting and start writing in a storytelling mode then people are also apt to become affected by it.

The writer of this post hit the nail on the head when they said it’s all about content.  Whether you’re striving for an SEO standpoint or a social media one, content will eventually get you to where you need to go.

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