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Social Media Advertising-Why I Approve This Message

Social Media Advertising-Why I Approve This Message :

Social Media Advertising

Social Media Advertising,  I’m getting really peeved at the social media advertising options that we have at our fingertips.  Well, not so much peeved at the options, but more or less aggravated atsocial media advertising Social Media Advertising Why I Approve This Message the price of those options.

It’s no secret that social media is starting to overtake the online world.  Here are the stats:

Google Plus: Over 400 million users
Facebook: 2 billion users
Twitter: 500 million users

Please note : that the Twitter and Google Plus stats bound to be wrong since Google has since passed Twitter on the popularity level.  I apologize, but could not find any updated stats of users.  Just know it’s close.

So basically, there’s no shortage of people that’s using these sites.  I want to disclose some important facts for beginner bloggers and social media advocates that want to build their following the right way…meaning with real social followers.

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Building Blocks to Social Media Advertising :

Forget about buying Twitter followers and Facebook likes. I know it is very appealing to you, and it would seem very effortless and easy to get them this way, but they’re just not real, so don’t even go down that route.

Building your Facebook fan page

There are a couple of Facebook options that I have covered on getting more likes to your fan page and a lot of these can really help you build a strong and steady following. Sadly, unless you get discovered by a throng of people all of a sudden, you’re probably not going to build a following fast, but if you try advertising, it can be a good way to build your fan page likes quickly.

Positives of Facebook advertising for fan pages

Normally, when you set your ad campaign the right way, you can get as much as 500 Facebook likes to your fan page at any given time. Granted, I am showing you the cheapest way possible to do this, at $70 lifetime budget. So, for $70, you can basically build your fan page around 500 people at a time in a given week or week and a half.

That’s pretty quick. Especially when you can target your audience to the niche that you are in. You are guaranteed people that have been interested in your type of niche at some point or another, will see your social media advertising on this platform. 

What I like about it is, even though it takes about 3-4 days to really catch on, Facebook has to spend that money in the week or week and a half that you give them to do so. What happens is the last half of the campaign is actually Facebook spending your money, which in turn places your advert in front of more people faster.

Negatives of Facebook advertising

It’s too daggone expensive! I like showing people how to get things cheap and even free, and I was really having a blast doing it when this very same social media advertising was bumped from $30 lifetime budget to $70 lifetime budget!!

You can see my frustration with this.

It seems as though Facebook is trying their hardest to root out the individual trying to start something online. As far as I know, and my readers have emailed me, people that cannot afford this type of advertising have had to move on to other social media platforms and start over. I can get it, it’s tough when you’re first starting out.

But is Facebook the way to go?

I think not.

Social Media Advertising for Twitter

For overall advertising for your social accounts, Twitter has the best social media advertising for your budget. Signing up to promote your Twitter account will prove to become eventful for you because you can actually control how much money you can spend per day on getting followers.

For the small advertiser, I have found that a budget of even $5 per day can get you anywhere from 5-10 targeted followers. If you’re more worried about building your social following a little faster, then you can surely spend more money (I only went to $100 a day) and get more followers for it.

Build Your Following :

Take action today and build your following. Better yet, let me show you a secret traffic trick that I use every day that drives targeted traffic and produces results at the same time. Social media advertising will always be around. Take advantage of the platoforms that provide you with the best results for your business.

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