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I Call It “Buy Face book Likes Pro” & A Giveaway

I Call It “Buy Facebook Likes Pro” & A Giveaway :

So it seems that some people buy Facebook likes to get their online profile and/or fan page on Facebook to therefore get more visibility to their website or blog. This isn’t such a bad idea I don’t guess, since social media is on the rise to taking over the world and holding Google and all of its minions hostage one day.

I have always loved social media, and I have always known that you could purchase Facebook likes online. However, I never really did anything about it until last week.

Why Buy Facebook Likes?

Buy Facebook Likes

Facebook is literally considered on of the internet’s social media giants, and I would guess that whoever guessed that would have probably guessed right!

Facebook is taking over everything. Shoot even Instagram can’t hold on to itself. It’s like a vortex and we’re all getting sucked in by it.

I personally waste a lot of time on Facebook. Well, my wife calls it “wasting”. My oldest son who is 3, still sees my side of the argument and agrees with me that this is still considered “work”.

Millions upon millions of people flock Facebook every minute, checking up on their friends, talking to their colleagues, or even do what I do and site on the Facebook “sidewalk” and watch everyone else communicate.

I really don’t know why I do that…

Anyway, all kidding aside, as a blogger, I definitely see the value in creating a Facebook profile and promoting your posts on it. Taking the time to talk to people and getting to know them is vital for your success in business online. As I said before, I always knew you could buy Facebook likes from different sites like Fiverr, but never really tried it before.

It’s basic math. The more people you get to “Like” your Facebook page or hit the “Subscribe” button on your profile, then that is that many more people that you have in your loop. That many more people that has the opportunity to go to your site, see your material, and convert to a faithful reader.

I, for one, have always been against an “automated” way to get people to follow you, friend you, or any other thing that involves a robot. Why? Because robots don’t buy stuff. People buy things, and this is why I have always concentrated on building relationships one by one with my friends and followers on different social media sites.

The value of a Facebook share or “like” is worth more than you could imagine. So I have always strived for this.

I Purchased Some Facebook Likes :

Hey, you never know until you try it right? It should always be the prerogative of any good blogger to try and search out new things. I did this, after a furious search online and many hours of research about the topic (which surprisingly turned up no results). All I could find were site’s that promised REAL Facebook profile or page likes.

Last week I found the answer to my problem. When I did actually purchase my likes from a cheeky fellow, he promised me real results, real people, and traffic. This came as no surprise because most of the sites like this that were selling them did.

I forked over $80 and bought 500 likes from the guy. Just to see the results, whether good or bad, that he was about to bring my Facebook profile and fan page I had just created.

He delivered as promised. In less than 2 days I had my 500 likes sitting there smiling at me. One would think that this would have opened more doors to what I was aiming for in my internet marketing endeavor, however it was to no avail. 3 hours later, the Likes started dropping like flies off my fan page. What it took him 2 days to do was gone in less than 6 hours!

Then I got mad and did the Modified Stationary Panic for a little while. After this was out of my system I sat down and created my own “Buy Facebook Likes” development program.

My “Buy Facebook Likes” Website :

First of all I hate people like the one that I just dealt with. Misleading and misinterpreting information to give the reader a false view of what you are going to give them rubs me the wrong way. As I thought, this guy was using an automated feature(or a bot) to create false likes to my page.

But I got to thinking…what would happen if I created a polling system on Facebook that actually asked real users what they were looking for online? This is when I got my answer. A very genius programmer who wants to remain nameless actually wrote the program for me and I put it to the test, promoting the poll on various social media sites online, including Facebook.

The results were astounding. More than half of the people that took the poll said they would be interested in “Liking” a page if it was on their level of specificity.

Re-do program to include internet marketing and making money online questions and re-submit…

Much better results this time.

I am now happy to say that I do believe that I have created the only REAL buy facebook likeswebsite online. It is dependent on two things. The keywords in your fan page and profile and what the real user wants to read about. I only had enough time to develop this for the internet marketing and “make money online” blogging niche.

If you are in one of these two categories, go buy you some Facebook likes! Now, granted, I spent most of my time developing and re-developing the program polling system and database, and the site still may look a little rough, but its a work-in-progress.

These people are in an email marketing database that I send out, and they, not me, visit your profile and/or fan page and hit the “Like” button per their request of your information. So not only is this targeted traffic, but it is people that want to read, and hopefully buy, the things on your site!

Sure, it’s going to take a little longer(not more than a week for 5,000 likes), but these are the real deal!

Click the link above and check out the site! Also, next week I am doing a contest for the site for 500 free likes as well, so keep checking for that too.

The Contest on Buy Facebook Likes Pro:

First of all, I have to give a shout out to Larry James & His Web Design Expertise for helping me with some cool stuff that I won’t mention with the site. Very cool Larry, thanks for helping!

That said, let me get back to the contest!

The best way to promote a new site is to give something away for free!  I would like to announce that I am giving away a couple of 500 Facebook likes plus three 100 Facebook likes packages!  Now, all you have to do is to read the rules and get points.  However, there is one way that you can make good on all of this.

I am offering 500 Facebook likes free right?  So if you go to buy your Facebook likes from me after seeing this contest, I will give you 50% off any purchase you make! Plus, this is in “Extra Stuff You Can Do” to get more points! So if you buy 500, 2,000, or even 5,000 Facebook likes from me between now and the contest end date, no matter who you are, I will refund 50% of your money plus give you anywhere from 25 points to 1,000,000, depending on the mood I’m in that day! lol!

I’ll just tell you this. The first person to purchase this from my new site is going to get something nice anyway.

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