Friday, June 7, 2019

How To Encourage People To Your Social Media Sharing

How To Encourage People To Your Social Media Sharing :


When it all comes down to it, your social media sharing is what’s going to build your blog.  Right now you may be at a standstill and are having trouble getting the masses tosocial media sharing How To Encourage People To Your Social Media Sharing  share your content, but there are things that you can do that will encourage people in the social media sharing of your blog.

The Problem of Social Media Sharing :

One problem that you might be having is the sheer fact that there’s just not enough people sharing your content. There are a couple of answers to that specific problem that you can probably fix right away. Here are some of the most common problems people make on their blog.

You don’t share anyone else’s content-This is an easily fixable solution to your problem.  To get a share you must first give a share to someone’s site.

There has never been an instance that I didn’t go to someone’s site, share consistently, and they didn’t reciprocate.  It always happens. This is a great way to build an engaging following too

Your blog is new-Let’s face it, new bloggers need to relax, be consistent, show yourself friendly and it will happen for you. Unless you’re being backed by a large corporation or already have insight into the business then you’re probably looking at a couple of months of lonesomeness.

No one really knows how long it actually takes before you break into the industry, it’s different for everyone, but the first step is to get out there and meet people!

You don’t know industry bloggers- Getting yourself out there and meeting people is the key to helping yourself climb the ladder of success in blogging.  Getting to know people with LOTS of fans is even better.  Especially when they start sharing your stuff.

There is a better way to endure the wait of having to cultivate a relationship with high profile people.  Getting more shares, more viral shares, usually comes from a scoped out group starting with your followers and friends.

From there it spreads into another circle that can also go viral.  But can you make your own post go viral inside of YOUR circle?

The Solution To Social Media Sharing :

One of the best platforms I have ever used to really get your content out there is called Triberr. Signing up as part of a tribe is a big key in getting your content shared quickly.

Another great thing to know is a place called DIR Journal that really helps you get your content to the masses quickly as well. This site can get your blog listed and become very helpful in both attaining new blog readers and help with SEO results as well.

My last thing that I would recommend is JustRetweet. It has a tendency to get a little monotonous at times, but when you’re in a pinch for some shares on your posts, then it really is the go-to place to get your social media sharing done in a hurry.

Social Media Sharing Options:

As a blogger you will find that as you go along, people will become a part of your circle and your social media sharing will become easier.

Then that circle widens, along with your reach in the blog zone. It is just a matter of time, and you being consistent with your social media sharing, and making connections, until you start to really see some positive results with your site.

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