Friday, June 7, 2019

Google Plus Comments:Good For You, Bad For Them

Google Plus Comments Good For You, Bad For Them :

Google Plus Comments

Have you seen the recent jump to the Google Plus comments system here lately?  Massive piles of bloggers jumped ship from CommentLuv over to the new Google comment google plus comments plugin Google Plus Comments:Good For You, Bad For Themsystem, leaving people with their pants down and stranded for links.

When I say masses, I really mean a lot of people!  Pretty famous people too, and people you probably know.

Without any caution at all, they abandoned their precious CommentLuv, DISQUS, Livefyre, etc to get a piece of the Google pie.

Why YOU Don’t Benefit From Google Plus Comment System :

I must admit, I did it too. I saw people frantically rushing to get the Google comments system, and slightly panicked a little myself and uploaded WordPress’s plugin for this platform.

I actually had it up for a week until I realized that the people that I always said were most important to me (my readers), were actually getting the shaft in this deal.

Having this commenting system on my blog doesn’t allow you to get your dofollow link back to your site. Since I have CommentLuv enabled on my blog, you also have the option to show you last blog post.

With Google Plus comments, every time you comment and/or share on this platform, you’re not doing yourself any good. And while I always appreciate the shares, I want to be able to make your time on this blog worth while to you…

I lost my head for a little while.

When you comment on someone’s site that has Google Plus comments enabled you are NOT getting a link back, and I know that this is important to some people. You’re basically giving that person a free share in order to have your comment seen.

Why Google Plus Comments May Be A Bad Thing :

It’s very odd to me that a lot of these professional bloggers would lose their long time applications to follow something that wasn’t even endorsed by Google itself. While I was apprehensive when Google Plus comments came out, I am even more so now that I’ve had the chance to test it out on my own blog.

It seems also that a lot of bloggers aren’t even considering some of the bad things involved with this commenting system. Here are some things that I have found recently that can become a problem with using this third party plugin on WordPress.

No Privacy Settings : Even if you comment or share a comment privately, people can still see what you have written when they come to that site.  You must also assume that everything you say about something on Google Plus will eventually show up somewhere on someone else’s site.  Check your privacy settings before sharing.

3rd Party Plugin : Google Plus Commenting system is only endorsed for those people associated with the Blogger platform.  Using something that is not endorsed by Google itself could become a problem in the future.

Only Helps The Blog : While this is a good thing, we know that having Google+ links directly impact that particular website.  However it does nothing for the reader of that blog, only helping the site itself.

No Spam Moderation : Whatever is said on this comment system stays on the system.  There is no spam moderation on Google Plus for comments.  People are allowed to leave any link that they want as well.

3rd Party Plugin : Oh wait, I already said that didn’t I?  If it’s not endorsed by Google, don’t use it!!!

I think that the whole purpose of this thing is to appease the people that are being faithful to you.  If you take away something that they were used to getting, then, in my book, that’s cause for mutiny!  

I don’t understand why some of the other more popular bloggers have switched, they have so many fans that I guess it doesn’t matter now, but they are selfishly only considering themselves when they plaster this as the only form of comments that you can give on their site!

Google is slowly climbing the social media ladder, and while this commenting system may seem like a romantic thing right now, there are still a lot of flaws involved with it.  

I particularly recommend ANY other commenting system besides this one.  The fact of the matter is, people like having the benefit of getting something back when they come to your site.

CommentLuv Premium is the best plugin I’ve ever found that can do that, moderate spam, and give the reader what they want…a dofollow link when they share your post!

So the next time you think about installing the Google Plus comments for your blog, think about your reader first.  They’ll thank you for it later!

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