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Easy Video Marketing with EasyVideoPlayer

Easy Video Marketing with EasyVideoPlayer :

EasyVideoPlayer video marketing is at the forefront of Internet marketing today.  The competition is extremely fierce making you have to work harder for that sale in your niche market.  It is proven that when people see an image of a product the retention rate is tripled. 

EasyVideoPlayer video marketing engages more of our senses rather then the traditional print ads.  We can associate the benefits of the product to our life because we see it in front of us, we hear the sincerity in your voice and see your face; the person selling the product all with EasyVideoPlayer.  easyvideoplayer

EasyVideoPlayer is a simple to use WordPress plugin that allows you to solidify your presence in your niche market.   You are able to attract a larger audience with EasyVideoPlayer giving you the power to earn more money.  This plugin will help you: easyvideoplayer

  • Visually promote your product
  • Visually offer quality how to video demonstrations
  • Visually see and hear success stories and testimonials

The potential a video marketer has with EasyVideoPlayer is quite endless and it is perfect for any level video marketer you are.  easyvideoplayer.

EasyVideoPlayer and SOCIAL MEDIA :

Social media as you may be aware is increasing in popularity and for good reason.  We are all chained to our computers these days making less and less interaction with others.  Now EasyVideoPlayer brings the face back to the Internet sales page and offers trust through video marketing. 

EasyVideoPlayer is so amazing  because it seamlessly integrates with all the social media sites Facebook, YouTube, etc.  When you have completed making your video you then have the ability within EasyVideoPlayer to have viewers respond and interact through the social media sites.  You choose the sites from the drop down menu in the admin area and then they will be listed at the bottom of the video. 

At the end of the video the viewer would be able to click on the social media site and post comments about it or they can select to share this video.  Your videos could go viral generating a marketing superstar all because of EasyVideoPlayer.  What is also great is that EasyVideoPlayer gives you the ability to select all the social media sites or only the ones you would like giving you full control for example Digg, Twitter and Facebook can all be listed or only one it is up to you.

EasyVideoPlayer and EMBEDED VIDEOS :

EasyVideoPlayer plugin was created for the video marketer in mind, so what would be better then to give your affiliates and viewers the ability to embed your videos into their websites, blogs, or articles catapulting your success and brand. 

The potential for VIRAL Marketing is now very real real all through the use of EasyVideoPlayer.  Your affiliates have the ability to rebrand your videos with their own unique links with this new version EasyVideoPlayer 2.  In addition to the traditional banner ads, email copies, and blog posts that you offer you can include video as well. 

Video marketing is going to EXPLODE with EasyVideoPlayer because the possibilities are endless and the results are amazingly profitable.  We all are looking for ways to make MORE MONEY and this is how you are going to do it with EASYVIDEOPLAYER.


This is the second release of EasyVideoPlayer and Josh Bartlett has out done himself.  He has built this powerhouse plugin for Video Marketing.  EasyVideoPlayer is packed with monetizing features that will revolutionize the way you look at video marketing: easyvideoplayer autoblogging

  • Create and embed Opt-In Forms for list building
  • Add payments buttons right in your video through EasyVideoPlayer
  • Add your “Call To Action” right in the video
  • Create Eye Catching Overlays that can be clicked on through EasyVideoPlayer.
  • Grab your viewers attention at precise times with buttons, overlays
  • Redirect viewers to other websites or to shopping area check out
  • EasyVideoPlayer can create entire Video Web Pages
  • Control visual attributes like the screen setting and how often the content runs

EasyVideoPlayer and AMAZON WEB SERVICE s3 :

Video marketing is only gaining in such popularity because of the success of plugins like EasyVideoPlayer and the cost of hosting has gone down making it more affordable. The video files can be very large slowing down systems and making it frustrating for the end user.  Instead of driving traffic to your videos you were making people leave them.  

That has all changed now, EasyVideoPlayer has teamed up with Amazon Web Service called S3 and your videos can be hosted there privately.  Your videos now can be stored for a fraction of the cost making videos more cost effective then before.  Although YouTube, MetaCafe, and others are great to use for exposure and viral marketing there are tremendous benefits to keeping your videos private as well, let EasyVideoPlayer show you:
  • Videos specific to your paid subscribers-password protect them
  • Host a series of training videos only paid subscribers can view
  • Create a strong email list of subscribers interested in your product
Amazon has created a great web service for video hosting.  When you upload any of your videos you will not have any Amazon logos on your page therefore disguising the fact you are not hosting the video yourself.  Customers, visitors, employees will only see a professional unbranded site making you have a stronger footing in your niche or business.  

Companies can create company overviews through EasyVideoPlayer, it would be similar to the traditional paper brochure that you would offer a customer for them to gain insight to who you are and your business. This is a perfect way a company can show they are trying to conserve the amount of paper generated and offer  a more personal touch to how business is conducted.  EasyVideoPlayer will help any business, any person, at any level of video marketing they are at; hence the name EasyVideoPlayer.


EasyVideoPlayer offers professional and detailed Marketing Reports also.  In the dashboard area of EasyVideoPlayer your video marketing efforts are tracked and stored.  Here are some of the statistical information that EasyVideoPlayer provides to you: easyvideoplayer autoblogging
  1. The number of times the video has been viewed
  2. How long were they viewed for
  3. Which video is earning you the most money
  4. Video split testing
EasyVideoPlayer is so smart it will tell you which videos were only watched partly and where they stopped.  To entice you even more you can with EasyVideoPlayer combine this with the split-testing features and learn which videos are more successful.  

Track sales on your videos, so if they take the call to action and clicked purchase for the product you can see: what percentage of viewer who watched the video actually bought it & what percentage followed through on the sale all in the admin area of EasyVideoPlayer.

Easily create viewer emotions and feelings with EasyVideoPlayer.  You can configure background and font colors for more effective marketing effortlessly.  This features adds to the visual aides and will stimulate your viewers to a greater extent creating a higher conversion rate in sales all through EasyVideoPlayer.

Once your videos have been created then you can split test them and see which ones are generating more money and traffic.  Sometimes you need to alter the backgrounds and colors for better results and EasyVideoPlayer makes it simple.  We all need that right?  Simple easy to use products that will help facilitate the growth of your business without breaking your piggy bank, that is EasyVideoPlayer.

EasyVideoPlayer SECURITY :

EasyVideoPlayer is concerned with security and it is of the Utmost Importance.  It has created a User Management area where you will be able to create accounts for administrators, virtual assistants, and outsourced staff.

  1. Administrators have full access to any part of EasyVideoPlayer including settings and use management.
  2. Manager in EasyVideoPlayer can access all except settings and use management.
  3. Clients can upload, delete, and view the statistics of videos in their assigned folders.
  4. Simple Clients may only view the statistical information for the videos in their assigned folders.

All your hard work to promote, monetize and cultivate your website or blog on the internet needs to be protected and safeguarded.  EasyVideoPlayer does just that; it secures content to members only & allows work on only allocated domains then randomizes the video code on it securing the content.

EasyVideoPlayer understands that competition these days is everywhere specifically on the internet.  Be on top of your game at all times, EasyVideoPlayer can facilitate that for you by allowing you to:
Publish your videos on ANY website within seconds. 

  • Host the video yourself or choose Amazon s3
  • EasyVideoPlayer is Fully compatible with HTML5
  • Fully compatible with iPad & iPhone targeting mobile device users who may not be able to watch
  • Become recognized as the expert in your niche with EasyVideoPlayer

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