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Autoblogs Need Max Blog Press Ninja Affiliate

Autoblogers Need MaxBlogPress Ninja Affiliate :

Ninja Affiliate

This plugin is a must for anyone who is autoblogging on the internet today.  This is a fact Autoblogging is gaining momentum on the Internet these days and more and more people are creating niche autoblogging sites.  If you are even thinking about autoblogging and learning about it then think also about MaxBlogPress. autoblogging maxblogpress link cloaker

What is Autoblogging anyway? Autoblogging is a term used to describe the type of blogging in which autobloggers use plugins to gather content.  Autoblogging plugins gather content from atom or rss feeds & posts them in their own blog.  

The nice feature about autoblogging is you can set the times when the content will be updated, keeping fresh content without the hassle of working = autoblogging.autoblogging link cloaker maxblogpress autoblogging maxblogpress autoblogging

MaxBlogPress offers users the ability to automatically convert keywords and phrases in their blogs into money generating affiliate links.  Autoblogging is made easy you can manage, cloak, track, and shorten an unlimited number of links from one central point MaxBlogPress.  

Grab your affiliate link you want to tie to a word, enter your keyword or phrase and MaxBlogPress will search all the words in your autoblogging sites and link them, it’s that simple.  Then use the link cloaker feature in MaxBlogPress & hide the ugly link so your visitors see what you want them to see. autoblogging link cloaker.

Question: What do you do when you your affiliate program shuts down that you have been heavily promoting?  You now have several posts and links spread throughout your autoblogging network on the Internet.  Can you really change all of them? Yes, but how long will it take? autoblogging with maxblogpress link cloaker autoblogging maxblogpress autoblogging

Answer: This autoblogging problem’s answer is MaxBlogPress.  Select the link in the admin area you need to change in your autoblogging network and replace it with a new destination link.    MaxBlogPress will go out and search through your network and replace the old link with the new one you entered.  MaxBlogPress will even change your links that have been cloaked from within the link cloaker in this plugin.  This is all completed effortlessly, only a few keystrokes on the keyboard and you are done.  The time and money that MaxBlogPress just saved you will only increase over time making this one autoblogging tool must have. 

What is MaxBlogPress Ninja Affiliate :

MaxBlogPress is an autoblogging WP plugin that is a very useful tool if you are operating one or multiple blog sites i.e autoblogging.  MaxBlogPress is so powerful that it not only keeps track of your affiliate links but manages them also.  

MaxBlogPress Ninja Affiliate offers a smart range of features that are flexible in use and in control.  Just look at how MaxBlogPress will FREE up your autoblogging time: autoblogging maxblogpress link cloaker autoblogging maxblogpress

  • MaxBlogPress can Group Links allowing you to manages them more efficiently.
  • Professional Redirect Links creating a better look and feel to the customer.
  • Flexible Link Management accepts the format of all affiliate links. autoblogging
  • Use “No-Follow” Links and control them any way you would like. autoblogging
  • Directly insert an Affiliate Link into your WP blog with MaxBlogPress. link cloaker
  • Use the Link Cloaker to protect affiliate sabotage or link theft. link cloaker autoblogging
  • Turn Keywords into Monetizing Links in your blog & posts instantly with MaxBlogPress.
  • Adv. Display Option allows the user to change the text in the web browser status bar.


MaxBlogPress also offers the user statistical reports on the number of clicks received on each link.  MaxBlogPress allows you to keep track of your traffic sources through sub-campaigns attached to your links.  By tracking different sources separately and independently of each other you can identify which marketing strategy is the most beneficial on your autoblogging sites.  

You can now know which of your marketing efforts are generating a lot of traffic and which ones need to be reworked all with this autoblogging plugin by MaxBlogPress.  link cloaker autoblogging maxblogpress autoblogging


MaxBlogPress FINALLY puts an end to your wasted time with unproductive add campaigns and allows you to move on to the ones that give you your desired results.   An added feature of MaxBlogPress is the ability to create on the spot sub campaigns without logging in.  

All you would need to do is just add a word at the end of the link and it is created automatically in the back end.maxblogpress autoblogging link cloaker maxblogpress autoblogging


MaxBlogPress is a fantastic autoblogging plugin because it included a Link Cloaker feature.  This alone will save you from loosing your hard earned money to affiliate thieves and affiliate sabotage. autoblogging link cloaker maxblogpress

So what is a Link Cloaker or Link Cloaking? In the simplest of definitions it is the art of showing your visitors an internal link when they hover or mouse over an affiliate link.  One of the benefits is your visitors will not know that they are leaving your site and going to your affiliates to either learn more or to buy the product.  

MaxBlogPress link cloaker makes it transparent to the customer because you can name the link having it say what you would like.  This is efficient and effective when used to track marketing campaigns in your autoblogging sites.

The link cloaker that MaxBlogPress has created can make your URL’s stand out more with professional smart looking links.  If there was a choice which link would you choose to click on?

Without question you’ll choose the second link, the first one is long and pointless.  MaxBlogPress creates tidy looking links and with the help of the link cloaker you can create the link just the way you want your URL to be received.  

You will thank the rise in traffic in your network of autoblogging sites.  You have been to websites and hovered over links which look similar to the one above and not clicked on them.  I have myself, you don’t know where you are being taken to so you don’t want to leave the site you are on and you choose to go back.  

Leaving your site, loosing that sale, and all because of an untidy link that can be fixed with using a link cloaker in MaxBlogPress. link cloaker autoblogging maxblogpress autoblogging.

A Link Cloaker is a much needed tool for affiliate marketers.  The fact is that there is an art to marketing and there are great tools out there that can make it easier for you.  MaxBlogPress understand that as an internet marketer you need to create confidence and trust so that you have higher sales.  

Even more you will have repeat buyers and customer referrals as a result of MaxBlogPress link cloaker.  Online viewers will not click on ugly links because they know you are trying to sell them something.  Its a general rule in business marketing that you must not directly persuade people to buy because it will turn them off. autoblogging maxblogpress link cloaker maxblogpress autoblogging maxblogpress

MaxBlogPress is easy to use even for someone that has little technical experience or is a novice in affiliate marketing and autoblogging.  MaxBlogPress allows the user to create a more natural looking link.  When you choose to use the link cloaker, then you can track promotions through the names of the links.  If you are autoblogging then you will have several affiliate links that will be running in posts, articles, websites, etc..  

The affiliate programs run different promotions at different times and by the naming structure you choose in MaxBlogPress and the link cloaker feature you can see which ones are the most effective to your viewers. You can also include in the naming structure where the link is located so you can easily identify where your marketing efforts are really working. autoblogging maxblogpress link cloaker autoblogging maxblogpress autoblogging


Have you ever been a victim of commission theft?  Then you need to have MaxBlogPress.  If you have not been a victim then protect yourself before it happens.  Part of the problem is that you don’t know that has happened until your sales start dropping or your marketing ad is not as effective as you thought.  You will be able to stop commission theft in all your autoblogging blog sites when you select link cloaker in the back end and cloak your affiliate links.  autoblogging

There are affiliate snipers out there who prey on newbies to autoblogging or affiliate marketing and switch your affiliate Id with their own therefore stealing your commission.  If you use link cloaker in MaxBlogPress then you will not have worry any longer because your affiliate Id’s will be safe and secure through encrypted links that MaxBlogPress uses.   maxblogpress

Believe it or not there are programs that help the commission thieves unmask the links on your autoblogging sites so they can steal your hard earned money and work.  When you use MaxBlogPress link cloaker then you can put an end to that.  When you choose to use the link cloaker in 

Maxblogpress they will not be able to uncloak your links; they are then SAFE & SOUND!  autoblogging link cloaker maxblogpress link cloaker autoblogging maxblogpress autoblogging maxblogpress

Now lets say you are running an email ad campaign for your product and you choose to NOT to use link cloaker.  Your link  could potentially “wrap” in a text based email because the true link is very long and ugly. autoblogging link cloaker

Why is that so important? You LOOSE the commission that you would have made!When you use MaxBlogPress link cloaker then you can shorten the link and ENSURE it will not wrap in the email text protecting your commission.autoblogging

If you are Autoblogging then managing multiple blogs can be extremely time consuming, MaxBlogPress is a WordPress plugin that is the perfect solution.  Autoblogging is made easy with MaxBlogPress and safe too.  Your valuable time will now help you generate more money on your higher earning blog sites; you will spend less time on the maintenance of your autoblogging sites and more time on monetizing them.  

The Link Cloaker part of MaxBlogPress alone pays for itself, in addition to having the ability to link keywords and phrases in your autoblogging sites.  MaxBlogPress gives you that time back and the security that you are protected from commission thieves. autoblogging link cloaker maxblogpress autoblogging maxblogpress

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