Friday, June 7, 2019

3 Reasons Social Marketing is Better Than SEO

3 Reasons Social Marketing is Better Than SEO


here are two sides of the blogging camp. Those that promote social marketing and those that stand by search engine optimization tactics. Which camp are you in?social marketing vs seo 3 Reasons Social Marketing is Better Than SEO

When you really think about it, what do you do to ensure that your post gets the most visibility possible? Do you rely on social marketing efforts, SEO, or both?

With the recent Google Penguin update here’s why social marketing is better than SEO these days.

Social Marketing vs SEO :

It’s true that you cannot fully devote your time to doing both of these things. Unless you’re not living your life, then it just simply takes too much time out of your day to successfully complete a positive social marketing and SEO campaign together. That’s why people usually take their pick between the two.

I’m looking forward to the disillusioned people that will comment on this post telling me that they do these two successfully. When in fact, they are not fully devoting the true parameters of the concept. Sure, you can optimize your posts and still have great content.

You can slightly monitor what you’re writing so that it can contain your keywords, but the true SEO guru will go above and beyond just simply doing that.

Here’s why social marketing is better than the other thing:

#1-No Bots: This is probably the best reason of why social media is better than SEO. Within the confines of search engine optimization you are confined to the Google machine competing against other people for that first page placement in the search results. With social media, you are dealing with real people that are looking to resolve real issues with their blog.

I see a lot of people that are worried so much about SEO that it literally takes away from their content, therefore driving their readers away because their post is over-optimized.

If you’re looking to get on the first page of Google, do it the right way, with writing great content, not building links.

#2-Results Are Faster : In social marketing, you can drive thousands of people to your blog post that same day! With SEO, since a lot of people are concerned with getting their post to the first page of Google, it takes a little time to do, especially if their keywords are in high competition.

Doing it this way, you can literally build a blog within a few months. I can remember when I first started doing the ever popular “link building” for SEO.

I thought that this was the most important thing for my blog so I sought after the most popular keyword, “make money blogging”. It took me 5 months to get that keyword to the first page of Google.

It was then I decided to take a different stance in my social marketing strategy.

#3-You Don’t Lose Sight of What’s Important : Am I saying SEO is totally stupid and lame? No not really, I think that it still works, but the resources that you used to use in the past aren’t going to work now.

I read a post about SEO on a pretty popular blog(which will remain nameless) and they even talked about optimizing your menu tags for Google, optimizing content for Google, etc. It’s really sad to see such “popular” people talk about crazy stuff like that.

When you optimize for Google, you’re losing sight of what’s important. The reader. Over optimizing your posts takes away from the readers experience and how they will take your content written. Don’t forget about them.

Social marketing is full of people. Do I have an SEO strategy? Well, I do have Yoast set up on my blog, and that’s about all I do. My main focus is you actually! You should feel important. You are more important to me than Google.

What Makes Social Marketing So Special?


It’s all about content. With social media, you only have to worry about your reader instead of worrying about what Google is going to do to you in the next update. I read about how thousands of bloggers lost somewhere between 20% & 50% of their traffic because of this recent Penguin update.

I actually gained traffic from this crazy update, because I could care less about Google. I don’t build links, and if I have a keyword in my post, then it’s usually accidental.

google kiss my butt 3 Reasons Social Marketing is Better Than SEOGoogle can kiss my behind.

Social marketing is special because your reader is special. Write for the reader and not the search engines. The search engine isn’t going to sign up to your email list, or buy that most recent product from you.

You owe Google nothing. Stop crawling after them trying to get in their good graces. Once you figure it out, they’re going to change it anyway, so if you keep writing for the reader and trying to give them the best content possible, then you have nothing to worry about!

Article marketing is dead. When I first heard about that a year ago, I already predicted it. Building links positively is not going to work either eventually. Create the best content you can, share it to your social media followers, and be consistent with it! Success will come to your blog if you keep doing these simple things.

Remember, before the arrow gets launched forward to hit its mark, it has to be pulled backwards first.